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For delivery investments buy & sell shares at brokerage ₹20/order or 2.5% whichever is lower.



Buy & sell shares on the same day at brokerage ₹20/order or 0.05% whichever is lower



All Options trades at brokerage ₹20/order. All Futures trades at brokerage ₹20/order or 0.05% whichever is lower. (Across equity, commodity, currency derivatives)

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Have you incurred losses due to wrong decisions?

  • What is a limit order?
  • Can I do intraday trading in commodities?
  • What is the lot size in Forex trading?
  • How can I invest in mutual funds?

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Do you want to try
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Premium Plan

Premium Plan

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  • Exclusive NISM Certified Relationship Manager (RM)
  • Calls/Whatsapp update on big movement in the market
  • Exclusive risk profiling/ position sizing by RM
  • Exclusive support on Algo platform
  • Exclusive training & support
  • No Payin, SMS, Call & trade & auto square off charges
  • Brokerage - 0.3% on delivery trades. 0.03% on intraday & futures. ₹30 per lot on options
  • Customisable brokerage if you trade more
  • Switch to the discount plan any time with no additional cost

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If I buy shares today and sell them on some other day, what will be the brokerage fee?

Tradingo offers ZERO brokerage for delivery based investments in shares. Hence, in this case, your brokerage will be zero for both buy and sell transactions.

How is the brokerage charged for intraday trading?

If your turnover for any intraday transaction is less than Rs. 2 lacs then brokerage for that transaction will be 0.01% of the turnover. If it is more than Rs. 2 lacs, then brokerage will be flat Rs. 20 per transaction. Same is the case with Equity, Commodity and Currency Futures. For Equity & Currency Options trading, the brokerage is flat Rs. 20 per order irrespective of the turnover.

If I don't like your premium services, can I switch back to the discount broking plan?

Sure, you can switch your brokerage plan between premium and discount whenever you want. You just need to drop an email at mentioning your request.

Are there any hidden charges?

One of our core values is - Integrity. We deal with utmost transparency. You can click here for checking the detailed pricing breakup as well as our other charges.

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