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Stock Trading!

What will you get?
  • Super-fast trading platform
  • Free demat & trading account
  • Low brokerage on every trade
Benefit from Share market investment
stock trading
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How do I make the most out of it?
F & O

Futures and Options!

  • Get free research recommendations
  • Less margin required with hedging
  • Trade from Options chain
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Currency Trading!

  • Buy/Sell Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen
  • Start with as low as ₹100
  • Free learning sessions and research
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currency trading
commodity trading

Commodity Trading!

  • Trade Gold, silver, Crude oil and more
  • Start with as low as ₹20,000
  • Free research recommendations on all commodities IPOs
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  • Get in-depth details of upcoming IPO
  • Get real-time updates
  • Apply directly through UPI in just 3 steps
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How do I make themost out of it?
mutual funds

Mutual Funds!

  • Better investment product than FD
  • Automated mutual fund monthly portfolio report
  • Pledging of mutual funds for limits
  • Automatic SIP from bank accounts
  • Easily apply in tax saving funds
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US Stocks!

  • Invest in companies from USA stock markets
  • Get AI powered theme based portfolio recommendations
  • Buy fractional shares of your favorite company for as low as $1
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US stocks
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algo trading


  • Trade with predefined market tested strategies
  • Remove emotions and bring more discipline to your trading
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Wealth Bags!

  • Wealth bags are our research team's theme based investment ideas
  • You can select the Wealth bag and invest in all the selected stocks just one click
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curated stock baskets
Get assisted by the best!
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api and technology

API Page!

  • Build and trade as you want with our APIs
  • Trade & invest now, with our superfast API!
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