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Traders & Geeks
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Stock Brocker & PMS

Explore our Superfast APIs

Order Management API

Trade, customize, and execute orders across all exchanges.
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Portfolio API

Get list of open positions across segments. Access demat account holdings.
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Limits API

Gain insight into your trading account like balance, utilized margin, collateral, and more.
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Statement API

Access Profit & Loss statements, taxes, ledger summary, contract notes, and more.
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Onboarding & KYC API

Complete your KYC process quickly and effortlessly.
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Payment API

Easily deposit funds to your trading account with our secure and seamless API.
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Basket Order API

Plan and execute multiple orders simultaneously.
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Market Feed API

Get instant and uninterrupted live market data from all exchanges.
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Historical Data API

Access historical data up to several years for open, high, low & close prices, volume.
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Pricing, Speed & Thrills

Order Placement
25 orders /sec  
250 orders /min
10 requests / sec
10 Quotes / sec
Max requests in a day(non trading)
Max order requests in a day
5000 orders
25/ order
Fintechs, Banks and Stock Brokers, for unlimited order requests please connect with us.